If you suspect that River Grace is a nickname, you are absolutely right. However, it stuck to me and most people call me River. You can do that too.

I am a designer of crystal angel jewelry, Mom, angel-lover and a member of a multilingual family (believe it or not, we use four languages on a daily basis and our daughter speaks them all).

My rather rocky path in life made me embrace spirituality and emotional healing as a solution to everyday problems.

As a busy mom with a full-time job and a small business, I had no other chance but learn about energy-management and work efficiency.

And finally - working with natural crystals inspired the interest in them and their properties.

These topics are covered in the blog. You might not be interested in all if them, which is understandable. This the reason why I created pages with links to the articles in each category.

External Links:
  • www.gem-angels.com - This is the online home of my handmade angel jewelry. The website is still in a process of growing, and new items and articles are being added daily. The website is bilingual (English and German) and the link above points to the English part.
  • DaWanda Shop - DaWanda is an European-based online selling venue for handmade products. My shop there is available both in German and English, but the link will take you to the English page.
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