Monday, June 1, 2015

Why Is It Important To Accept Your Emotions? (And How To Do It)

There are more options available apart from feeling stuck.

Have you also spent years judging yourself? I used to be pretty good at it - until I realized that it was not bringing me far.

No matter what you have been told as a child (“Pull yourself together!”, “Don’t be a baby!”, “Men don’t cry!”), you are allowed to feel exactly the way you feel. You are not supposed to lighten up immediately in order to make others happy.

However, do take a few moment to come to peace before you continue with your daily tasks. Smoking a cigarette, drinking alcohol or stuffing yourself with food are no helpful tactics.

Instead, let the emotion be without judging it. Feel it. Name it.

Is it fear, anger, upset, sadness, helplessness, despair? Giving it its proper name makes it easier to deal with it.

Where in your body do you feel it most? Go there and “look” at the emotion. What color is it? Does it have a message for you? If yes, what? (Write it down.)

Now just stay there, feeling the emotion as long as it is needed.

Avoid retelling the story - who did what and who said what. Avoid discussing it with them in your mind and reaffirming that you are right. These inner conversations only keep you stuck and awake until late in the night.

Simply allow yourself to feel what you feel.
Some minutes later you might even notice that you feel calmer.


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