Saturday, June 6, 2015

What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say?

Clipart image by Karen Arnold
We all sometimes face situations in which it is really important to say the right things.

A typical example is a job interview. We want the job, we need the job and it is important to present ourselves as well as possible.

Thorough preparation is definitely a sensible thing to do - for example, researching the company we apply to and thinking about the qualities we have that make us a suitable candidate for the offered position.

However, while preparation is important, many people might still say something “wrong” when they are under pressure. They are likely to feel stressed long before they enter the room and face the interviewer. Due to this inner pressure they are  at a high risk of presenting themselves in unfavorable light.

I used to be such a person until I established a contact with my guardian angel. Of course, I still feel slightly tensed before an important conversation. This is a normal side effect of being a human being.

What helps me though, is asking my angel to make sure I say exactly the things that will lead to best results from the Highest Perspective. As a mere human, I do not always know what the best outcome is in the long run. I might really want that job but is it good for me?

This is a simple method that can be used on various other occasions - conversations with family members or acquaintances that we have a conflict with, meetings with perspective clients, important discussions with co-workers or authority figures, etc.  

In essence all you need to do is prepare yourself as well as you possibly can, and then ask for divine guidance at the time of the conversation.

Leaving the outcome to the Divine is not only calming but also highly rewarding.
It is still important to act, set goals and work towards them but instead of fixating ourselves on the desired outcome, we can say: “May the outcome be the one that is best for me and for all involved in this situation.”

Create a beautiful day for yourself!


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