Monday, June 8, 2015

There Is A Lesson Behind Every Challenge

Enter your new Life as a Creator. (Photo by Anne Lowe)
Many Christians were raised to fear God. They were told that every mistake will be punished.

The Vedic literature introduces the Law of Karma: at the latest in your next life, you will endure all bad things that you have ever done.

However, does not God have better things to do than spying on people and punishing them?

On the other side, if there is no punishment or karma, why are people plagued by problems? What creates them, if God is willing to look away and forget?

The cycle of wrongdoings and punishments is rather a cycle of deeds and consequences. Instead of being punished, we are given the opportunity to experience, learn, grow and change our ways. Past-life deeds may play a role in our current misfortune, but so does actions from this life.

Many spiritual teachers confirm that nowadays everything happens much faster than centuries ago, and we reap the fruit of our deeds sooner rather than later.

Recently something was stolen from me and I felt upset. I asked myself:
“If I am the Creator of my Life, why did I create this?”
My angel was quick to remind me that a few months ago I was unkind to a person, and refused to give them what they wanted. While it was my right to refuse, I should have behaved in a more respectful way.

So the stolen object was the consequence of my unkind refusal to give. On the positive side, the situation gave me plenty of food for thought and made me change my attitude.

Seeing a problem as a lesson removes us from the victim role and puts us in the position of the creator. A creator can learn and change, while a victim can only pity themselves.

So be a Creator this week!


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