Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Score With The 5-Questions-Before-You-Speak Challenge

Do you remember my blog post about the 5 questions to ask yourself before you say something? It was 7 days ago and I promised to report how I managed it. Did some of you tried it too?

To sum up, I had difficulties with it and will be very open and honest about them here.

Here are the 5 questions:

1. Is it important and needed?
I caught myself saying unneeded or unimportant things.

2. Is it true?
This is something I regarded easy, as I know myself as an honest person. However, after consciously observing myself for a week, I noticed that if I felt judged or under pressure, I would try to conceal the truth. And here is the funny example: 1st of June is celebrated as the International Children’s Day in my home country. My daughter really liked a particular cuddly toy, so I went to the shop in secret and bought it for her. My husband questioned me about it, and - sensing that he disapproved, I said it was one Euro cheaper than it was! How silly is that?

3. Would it hurt someone?
While I typically avoid saying hurtful things to people, I noticed subtly venting out my hurt or resentment at times. It did not make me proud of myself.

4. Does it bring blessings?
Many things I say to people bring blessings - unless I hold resentment to them or someone else. It was humiliating to realize it, but hey - acknowledging your faults helps you improve!

5. Is it better than silence?
Well... not always. But I intend to continue trying.

How did it go for you?


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