Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain With You

... and your Intuition!
Following one’s heart is surely positive. It makes us spontaneous and lighthearted. It allows us to enjoy Life.

On the negative side, it can throw us into situations that we later regret. We might make decisions with unfavorable for us results, or behave in an inappropriate way.

That’s why it is still important to double-check important choices with the mind. In an ideal world (and you are a mini-world) Heart and Mind would have similar opinions. However, in reality Mind tends to overthink, reconsider and avoid action out of fear.

What to do then?

Here comes the missing link - your intuition. Whenever you are unsure about a particular undertaking, take some time to center yourself and connect to your Highest Self and to your Guardian Angel. Then ask them a question. Listen well.

If you are not that experienced in listening to them, ask a series of Yes/No questions - their answers are easier to detect in your body. You might need to establish what is Yes and what No first, and take notice of the way your body (often your stomach area) feels when hearing each of them. Some people use a pendulum or some basic kinesiology methods instead.

Whatever you use, do try to establish a connection to your intuition. It is not as spontaneous as following your heart at first, but with time you learn to acknowledge the subtle impulses.

Let me know how you are doing!

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