Friday, June 5, 2015

Can Crystals Really Help Us Heal?

This angel pendat from red jasper is handmade by me.
“Can crystals really help us heal?” is a question I am often asked as a designer of angel jewelry from natural crystals.

My personal experience points the answer to a clear “Yes”, despite the fact that I used to be rather skeptical at the beginning. However, so far I have only used crystals to help me with emotional issues.

Let me give you an example: during my first year in Germany, I was absolutely crazy about red jasper. I made myself a necklace and a bracelet from it and wore it every single day. Back then I was spending 5-6 hours a day learning German with a computer program, which was immensely straining but indisputably needed.

It was only after I could read German well enough that I found a book by Michael Gienger and immediately looked red jasper up. It said that this crystal makes dynamic, gives energy - and also courage for unpleasant tasks! Now, try learning a completely new language at a fast pace and see how pleasant or easy that is!

Michael Gienger is one of the most thorough modern researcher of crystals and their properties. His scientific background inspired him to start a research group back in 1989. Each member of the team wore a particular stone for about four to six weeks and wrote down his/her experiences on spiritual, mental and physical level. Amazingly, the members of the group (who were not meeting each other during the test time) reported similar experiences! The first group worked together for a total of four years, but even now there is a large group of German volunteers who protocol their experiences with one stone every month.

It is important to know that the healing properties of crystals are not recognized by modern medicine. What is more, even prominent authors in the area confirm that crystals cannot replace the visit to your doctor or certified health practitioner. The crystals have a supportive role - they help you deal with an issue but do not resolve it by themselves. For example, dumortierite is useful for people with depression but it does not heal depression. Instead, it helps the person open up to the therapy and talk about the issues that might have lead to the depression, which eventually facilitates healing.

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