Saturday, May 30, 2015

What To Do When You Are Not Doing Well

We all have days of feeling down or slightly depressed.

The reasons may vary - a quarrel wit
h a parent, partner or colleague, an approaching deadline, money or health issues, upcoming exams, etc.

No matter what caused your troubles, the outcome is often the same: your energy is low and you feel a victim.

Now, feeling a victim is never a good choice. It might earn you some attention or words of pittance, but it will not  resolve your problem.

In contrary, being peaceful, happy and content lifts up your vibrations. As a result, you attract happier occurrences and - as an added bonus, you deal better with hardships.

But how to raise your vibration?

Below you will find some suggestions. There are hundreds of further possibilities, so hopefully these tips will help you come up with ideas that are particularly helpful to you.
  • Have a short walk in the park, in the woods, along a lake or at the seaside. Whatever piece of nature you have near you is good! Hugging a tree is not a mere new age trend: trees are living beings who enjoy sharing their powerful energy with other beings.
  • Meditate (if you can). Personally, I find it hard to meditate in the midst of a strong negative emotion. But whenever I manage it, it works wonders.
  • Read a few lines or pages from an inspirational book.
  • Listen to music that you love and that makes you feel happy. Choose something positive and leave the sad tunes for some other time.
  • Use affirmations.
  • Take a shower or have a bath.
  • Spend some time on a hobby.
Assignment: Write a list with things that make you happy and have it ready for use whenever you need it.

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