Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Angelo Kelly and Family in Munich

On Saturday (May 31) my daughter and I had a special treat - we went to the concert of Angelo Kelly and his family in Munich.

Angelo is best known as the youngest member of “The Kelly Family”, who started as street musicians but reached stardom during the 90s and early 2000s and sold over 20 million albums in Europe. After they disbanded, he toured on his own. The solo tours kept him away from his wife and children for months on a row, so since 2010 they travel with him - and nowadays even perform as a family band.

I like his voice and songwriting, and the fact that most songs are about family, love, values, or the idea of being free and independent. It is refreshing in today’s overly sexualised society and music industry.

What I didn’t know, was that he can be so hilarious. He would have surely been able to earn a living as a stand-up comedian if he wasn't a talented musician.

Angelo’s wife Kira makes a shy impression on stage, but has a very beautiful and touching voice. When she sings, it sounds as if heavenly bells are ringing (there is also something angelic in her appearance too). For their current album she wrote two songs and performed them live during the concert. One of them is about Mother Mary and I can’t get it out of my mind. It is all about the desire of being loving, caring and understanding like the mother of God.

Their four children were also on stage for some of the songs, which was what my daughter loved most - well, and also the end of Angelo's drums solo, when he pretended that he droped his sticks and needed to find an extra pair. Everybody were laughing!

Not surprisingly, the youngest child only sat behind his mother (or in her arms), but the other three participated actively by singing and playing instruments. The two eldest children, Gabriel and Helen, performed a song that they composed together. It is called “Wouldn’t be the same” (without you) and is about their relationship as siblings. It has a catchy tune and my daughter absolutely loves it.

A long-standing Kelly-fan I am not. I only became aware of them at the end of 2010, while struggling to write my first newsletter. After much deliberation, I decided to make it easy and just send Christmas greetings with a nice angel song.

While searching on You Tube, I found “An Angel” - the breakthrough song of The Kelly Family. It was written and performed by then 15-year-old Paddy Kelly and (then) 12-year-old Angelo sang the chorus. It was before his voice broke, so he was able to hit really high notes.

I loved the song, sent the link to my list and then listened to many other songs of the band. It was a pretty confusing experience at the beginning - at least until I figured out that The Kelly Family consists of nine people (all siblings) of different age and with different  music styles. Depending on who wrote and performed a certain song, the band’s music could sound like pop, rock, folk or everything in between. 

Despite being the youngest one, Angelo was the champion of the love songs - all of which he dedicated to his present wife. They met at the age of 10, and at 13 he wrote his first love song for her (which happened to became The Kelly Family’s first Nr. 1 hit single). During the concert he joked that as he had never gone to school (he was home-schooled), he couldn’t write proper love letters and ended up writing love songs instead.

He and his wife performed a song that he wrote at the age of 17 with the hope to sing it together with her one day. It is called “I Will Be Your Bride” and as I love both the song and the original music video, you can see it at the end of this blog post.

My daughter and I had great time at the concert. I haven’t been able to go to any evening events since she was born, and it was nice that this one was not only family-friendly but also started at 7 pm (instead at 8 pm like most other concerts). I guess, it had to do with the fact that Angelo’s own children were on stage and he didn’t want to keep them up until late. There were children in the audience too.

At the end of the concert he took 10-15 minutes to get changed and then came to sign albums and cards - and even patiently posed with whoever wanted their picture taken with him. He also announced that all children should go first, which was thoughtful and kind. My daughter was already getting tired and otherwise we would have had to skip this part.

This is a picture of me and Angelo (and you notice that I am very tall).