Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Inspirations: Enjoy the Precious Moments | Montag Inspirationen: Genieße die kostbare Momente

(Deutsch nach dem englischen)
Sometimes we get so carried away by our tasks, To-Do lists and deadlines that we forget to notice the precious little moments that Life has on offer:

  • A chat with one’s partner
  • A peaceful walk in the nature
  • The warmth of the sun rays on your face
  • The happy banter of your child

I was reminded about it while going to pick up my daughter from her choir practice this evening. I chose to walk along the lake and witnessed the most beautiful sunset (shame that the camera wasn’t with me). The sky and the water were colored in shades of red, orange, pink, white, yellow, blue and gray and the impact was magnificent. All I could do was to sit on a bench and enjoy it.

Manchmal sind wir so beschäftigt mit unseren Aufgaben, To-Do-Listen und Termine, dass wir vergessen, die kostbaren kleinen Momente, die das Leben zu bieten hat, zu bemerken:

  • das Gespräch mit dem Partner
  • der ruhiger Spaziergang in der Natur
  • die wärmenden Sonnenstrahlen auf dem Gesicht
  • das glückliche Geplapper Ihres Kindes

Love, River

Liebe Grüße, River

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  1. Do not stop to enjoy the moments with your child - this is the most precious thing in life!