Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in the Snow / Ostern im Schnee

Easter snow / Ostern Schnee
Happy Easter! Hope you are having a great day!
Frohen Ostern! Hoffentlich habt Ihr alle einen wunderschönen Tag!

We woke up with snow! Yes, it is April 8, and it snowed the whole morning :-)
Wir sind mit Schnee aufgewacht! Ja, es ist 8. April, es hat aber den ganzen Vormittag geschneit :-)

Friday, April 6, 2012

What Gave Me a Huge Breakthrough Yesterday?

"Tapping Into Ultimate Success" with Jack Canfield (known from "Chicken Soup of the Soul" and "The Secret") and Pamela Bruner is a must-see (FREE) video and you can only watch it until tomorrow midnight (April 7, 2012) Pacific time - after that it will be taken off the website.

Tapping along with Pamela, Jack and their volunteers yesterday literally gave me a life-changing experience - and who knows, it might do the same for you.

The immediate subject of the live stream is professional success and overcoming the stoppers that prevent us from achieving our goals. However, Pamela Bruner describes techniques that could be used for virtually every issue.

What I absolutely loved about the video, is that it is very hands-on and you actually work on your issues. There are volunteers who tap on some of their own challenges together with Pamela and Jack, so you can tap along with a similar issue of yours.

So what can you learn during the 3-hour long free video? Some of the main subjects are:

  • Which are the 3 types of goals and why don't they always work?
  • Why are you sometimes caught by procrastination and don't do the work that needs to be done in order to achieve your goals? How can you overcome this?
  • Recognize your limiting and conflicting beliefs and use tapping to release (at least a part of) them.
  • Befriend your "critical little voice" and get it to help you instead.

I have been familiar with EFT since a few years (my husband is very much into it) and have occasionally used it, but somehow disliked it. I listened to an interview with Pamela on "I Dare You Radio" the other day though, and for the first time in my life felt excited about tapping. It was really engaging, and Pamela explained the benefits of EFT better than anybody I have ever heard before. She used to have an "imaginary coaching business" earning just $375 a month until she discovered tapping and started using it as a tool to overcome the negative beliefs, unhelpful habits and all other inner gunk that stopped her from living life to its best.

After all the tapping yesterday I felt relieved and lighthearted. I worked productively the whole day, which is not always easy for me. I also tackled tasks I typically dislike and it all went surprisingly well. And the topping of the cake was that out of a sudden I had a few new leads and sales! Was I dreaming?

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gem Angels Is a Part of a Book! / Gem Angels Macht Bei Einen Buch Mit!

I am one of the co-authors of this book
Transforming Passion Into Profit and What Does It Have To Do With the Gem Angels?

I was invited to take part in this book project, which centers on female entrepreneurs who created a business around their greatest passion – and the book is available on Amazon now!

Gem Angels macht bei einem Buch mit!
Ich dürfte mitmachen und über Gem Angels erzählen! Das Buch heißt „Transform Your Passion into Profit” und beinhaltet 14 Texte von Unternehmerinnen aus verschiedene Länder, die alle lieben was sie tun. Ich bin die einzige, die in Deutschland lebt. Das Buch ist auf English und kann bei Amazon bestellt werden.

TransformYour Passion into Profit contains 14 unique stories (mine between them) and a lovely motivational introduction by the editor Teresa Henry. Teresa is a true inspiration herself – she created a successful coaching business while being a single mother of a daughter with special needs. 

Die Herausgeberin Teresa Henry ist ein sehr begeisternden Person – sie hat einen erfolgreichen Beratungs-Unternehmen und ist gleichzeitig alleinerziehende Mama von ein Kind mit geistige Behinderung.

An added bonus to the book is the Online Business Success Kit that can be downloaded for free from Teresa’s website.

I’ve already read excerpts from the book and they are beautiful. I am looking forwards to receiving my copy in order to read the full text. 

The other authors in the book are:
  • SuzanneMoore – a provider of virtual assistant and online business management solutions to independent entrepreneurs
  • CynthiaSegal – an intuitive consultant, known as The Red Phone To God
  • KarenStultz – a prosperity, money and mindset coach
  • Lisa Parker– a property investor with over 12 years experience
  • AnoinetteSykes – a dynamic coach, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of StandingTall Revolution
  • NatalieStrong – founder of the The Wonder Women Network, which champions, promotes and brings together the business wonder women living in South East London
  • Dr KatrinBain – the founder of mum-me-time and the author of the PocketRescue series (available on Amazon). Both are resources for parents to adjust to parenthood, find a life balance that works for them and create a life they love. 
  • AngelaTreat Lyon – an artist, EFT practitioner and moderator of the inspirational online radio I Dare You
  • JeannieSpiro – teaches women how to create a passion based business using online and offline marketing strategies as well as develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. 
  • JoLynnBraley – The F.A.T. Release Coach, mentors high-achieving, spiritual, highly successful women in business who crave a successfully slender body to match their outstanding business success but have never achieved lasting success with their weight.
  • Zara G – a Plus size clothes designer and retailer, as well as a mindset mentoring coach
  • Laura Clark – the founder of Soul-Wise Living where she supports busy and overwhelmed women through a unique system of holistic approaches.
  • JennyKovacs - owns GiFTWiSH Ltd; training and coaching company working with organizations and individuals to enhance results within their business lives.