Friday, August 5, 2011

There Is a Whole Face Between The Two Earrings!

A client purchased a white agate jewelry set and I had to make it anew for her. Despite my experience, making a pair or wire-wrapped earrings still gives me a combination of fear and thrill. Earrings require more concentration than a pendant, because they need to be as identical as possible. 

In order to achieve this, I make them simultaneously, count the number of the coils and measure the lengths of the wire ends. It always works out well, but the feeling is completely different.

I once attended a wire-wrapping workshop and the teacher, who was a college-trained jewellery designer with many years of work experience, told us what her own teacher used to say in his deep bass voice: "Young lady, don't forget that there is a  whole face between the two earrings!" It helps me relax and makes me laugh whenever I think about it.

Below is the white agate jewellery set, which was sold yesterday: