Monday, August 8, 2011

New Stones, New Designs

Yesterday and today I started adding some new gem angels. Serpentine and rhyolite are stones, which I haven't previously listed on my DaWanda shop. I like them both - serpentine for its joyful yellow-green color, and rhyolite for the unusual patterns.

Serpentine eases stress, harmonizes mood changes and helps with muscle cramps, regulates kidney function, alleviates hyperacidity and reduces deposits in the vessels.

Rhyolite consolidates existing circumstances and helps with self-acceptation and better assessment of one's situation.  It is a predominantly green stone with splashes of brown, ocher, yellow and white.

Red jasper is one of my favorite crystals (OK, I do have MANY favorite crystals:-) and I only recently found these wave-shaped button beads. I only had them from white agate until last year, but now I've  also found red jasper, aventurine, amazonite, rose quartz and even amethyst. The next project will be to turn them all into gem angels and fairies:-) Red jasper brings dynamic, energy and gives courage to persevere with important but unpleasant tasks.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you River Grace for creating such beauty and for bringing it here from the higher realms of art and consciousness!

  2. Beautiful stones, design and work = gorgeous jewelry! GOOD for you!