Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Promise This" Performed by Adele

Late at night, when my little daughter is sleeping, I sometimes explore new for me music on You Tube. We do not own a TV set (not that I would've had time to watch it anyway), and listening to the radio is frustrating as I don't like much of what they play. You Tube gives me the freedom to try out things and - if needed, press the stop button whenever I like.

Everybody seems to know who Adele is (even I did), but I had never heard her sing - until today. I loved her beautiful soulful voice even though her recurring theme about unhappy love doesn't seem to touch me personally anymore. However, when I was her age (23!!!), I used to be a permanent victim of love heartache...

One can only hope that she will manage to keep away from drugs and drink and, unlike tragic Amy Winehouse, give us the opportunity to enjoy her talent longer.

I listened to many of her songs today, and even though she is a singer-songwriter with beautiful songs of her own, I decided to post one of her covers. I guess it just spoke to me more.

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