Monday, June 13, 2011

E.coli - Hopefully It Is Really Over Now

Germany lived with E.coli for over a month, but since Friday officials believe to have found what caused the infection, which claimed the lives of at least 30 people: beansprouts. The alert against eating cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce was lifted on the same day.

Reading the news felt great, but it might still take a while before everybody calm down. Even here in South Germany (far from the most affected area) people were worried and stopped eating fresh vegetables. Some even decided against fruit that you cannot peel - such as strawberries and raspberries, which  was a pity, because they had just come in season. The supermarkets were forced to drastically lower salad prices, and could not sell them regardless. 

The hectic around the issue made it worse. Reports were published before finalization of investigations, and as a result Spanish produce got the blame for more than a week. Later officials admitted that they had no clue what was causing the infection, and people got even more worried, as they clearly did not know what to eat. The media was additionally spreading scare with outrageous reports and fear-based headlines.

We can only hope that this time the real cause of E-coli was found and there will be no more infected people.

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