Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Birthday Present With Choice Options

We are invited to a friend's birthday party this afternoon and her boyfriend suggested that I gave her a handmade bracelet. He thought that turquoise would look good on her while I was thinking red jasper, carnelian, orange calcite and yellow aragonite. I made both and she can choose herself!

The turquoise is reconstructed and combined with dyed howlite. Real turquoise is soft and tends to break easily, which makes it expensive and difficult to find. What is more, many suppliers try to sell you stabilized or reconstructed turquoise for the real thing, so I generally keep away from it.

Howlite is a white semi-precious stone with beautiful gray and black lines. Easy to dye, it is widely used as a cost-saving alternative to turquoise. It is the only dyed stone I work with and customers don't mind, especially as I clearly state what it is.

The second bracelet is made of real gems only: red jasper (the twisted beads), cut carnelian, orange calcite and small yellow aragonite beads.

It is my choice for our friend and certainly something I would wear myself!

Which one will she go for? We'll see this afternoon:-) In both ways she will receive it in this gift box:

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