Friday, June 17, 2011

Amethyst and Rock Crystal Angel Necklace

A client recently asked me to make a pendant necklace with stones that will assist her during upcoming exams. After discussing it, we found that clarity of thinking and concentration were two things she would benefit from.

Rock crystal is known for helping up see and think clearly, while amethyst is the best concentration stone. What is more, they are both from the quartz mineral group and generally go well together.

Amethyst and Rock Crystal Angel Necklace
We went for cut gems, as their power is stronger than the one of the polished ones, and also felt as a better choice for the person in question.

The necklace's pendant

However, I made sure to remind her that crystals only offer additional help and are not expected to resolve a problem solely by themselves.

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  1. Charming necklace! (I love amethyst and rock crystal!)