Monday, May 16, 2011

Silvia Wallimann. International Angel Congress 2011 Day 2

Silvia Walliman is an important spiritual teacher in the German-speaking world, but being a foreigner I had never heard about her before. She was on stage with her son Peter Walliman, who was reciting poems.

They filled their two 1-hour slots with extended guided meditations and everybody I spoke later to found them deep and profound. 

My own experience was different and probably had something to do with the fact that I am not German and don't understand the language to 100%. The guided meditations were combined with prolonged explanations so I struggled to follow the main line. The poetry, recited by Peter Walliman, distracted me even more, because I could hardly understand what was it all about (whoever has tried to read poetry in a foreign language, would know that it is harder to comprehend that a plain narrative).

Silvia Walliman's stage appearance caused a real buzz at the congress - both before and after her appearance. She prefers to live secluded and doesn't always accept congress invitations, so even the sole fact that she was there meant a lot to the largest part of the audience.

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