Friday, May 13, 2011

Princess Märtha Louise. International Angel Congress Day 1

About Princess Märtha Louise
Princess Märtha Louise (in turquoise and gray) and Elisabeth Samnoy
Princess Märtha Louise is a real princess, who talks with angels.
The only daughter of Norway's reigning king and fourth in line to the throne is known for causing controversy in her homeland - she married a commoner, started a business (and  now voluntarily pays taxes), studied at an academy for holistic medicine and in 2007 opened an angel-related spirituality school of her own. The last move must have shocked many in Norway, because one newspaper called for her to give up her royal titles, and another suggested that she should be excommunicated from the state Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Princess Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Samnoy at the Angel Congress in Hamburg 2011
Elisabeth Samnoy is the co-founder of "Astarte Education" and works closely with the Princess. They have also written a book together.

They spoke about connecting to one's angels and learning to see and hear them - and put a stress on letting go of the expectations about what are you supposed to experience. We did a guided meditation, which was designed to help us meet our guardian angel. While I didn't see mine, there was a feeling as if invisible hands hugged me and left a breeze-like sensation.

I really enjoyed Princess Märtha Louise's tomboyish and humorous style. The two women talked in turns and she looked serene and attentive when listening to Elisabeth Samnoy. However, the moment she would open her mouth, you would be "swept" by her explosive bubbling energy! A truly untypical princess, who possesses both elegance and child-like excitement.

Book signing at the International Angel Congress in Hamburg
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