Sunday, May 15, 2011

Obsidian Concert. International Angel Congress 2011 Day 1

Obsidian, the group that features Doreen Virtue on guitar,  rocked the stage of the Angel Congress at the end of the first day. I had only seen a few videos of them before and enjoyed experiencing them live. It felt strange to dance in a congress hall but this was exactly what we did:-)

Obsidian is comprised of three members - Mark Watson, Tatiana and Doreen Virtue. Tatiana's beautiful and powerful voice makes her the natural lead singer. In addition to that, she plays on the band's second keyboard and is the author of some of the songs. Mark writes most of the music and plays the role of the "man-orchestra" on his keyboard. He duets with Tatiana for some of the songs.

Without planning it, I filmed the first song from their concert in Hamburg . It was Tatiana's "Mrs. Blue".


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