Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lorna Byrne. International Angel Congress 2011 Day 2

Lorna Byrne at the Angel Congress in Hamburg
Lorna Byrne was a completely unknown name to me before the Angel Congress - and now I am looking forward to reading her book! Her talk was scheduled just before the highly anticipated appearance of Doreen Virtue, so many of us were seeing it as a mere prelude to the day's greatest event.

And then she came:-) Lorna captured us with her calm and peaceful presence and kept smiling while answering the interviewer's questions. Everything she said sounded like a magical story from another world. At times she was describing angels present in the hall, and talked about them as if they could be seen with physical eyes. They surely were - to her.

Guardian angels
She pointed out that every person - no matter of their religion or even lack of spiritual beliefs, has a guardian angel. "Atheists tell me that they don't believe in God or angels, but I have to smile, because I see their guardian angels behind them," she said. To her, guardian angels are God's gift to us.

Our world's futures
When asked if she thinks that we, as humanity, have completely "screwed it all up", Lorna answered with a firm "No". "I have seen a few wonderful futures and it all depends on how we are - each and every one of us," she said. "One of these futures shows the world as one nation, where the present-day countries  have kept their traditional cultures. There is no war, people don't need to kill each other and everybody have food and work."

Lorna's Blessings
On the way out of the hall everybody received a little card with a prayer, which  she had signed in advance in order to use her scheduled book signing time for giving blessings only.

The video below will give you an idea about it. 

And this is a (very) short footage of me and Lorna - for some reason, the lady who filmed waited until the last moment, even though I asked her to start recording from the beginning.

Lorna asked for my name and then quietly spoke a prayer. The feeling was  absolutely beautiful. However, I wasn't aware how petite she was and felt like an enormous giant next to her :-)

My present to Lorna
While waiting on the queue a thought came: "Lorna has given us so much today, she deserves to receive something too." I decided to give her one of my handmade angel pendants and the lady before me helped select one. We chose a  carnelian rose bud angel (similar to the one you see on the right, but with different wings) and Lorna seemingly liked it!

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