Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jana Haas. International Angel Congress 2011 Day 1

My first encounter with Jana Haas
When a friend came back from the Allegria Festival in September 2010 with a book by Jana Haas, I looked in disbelief at the picture on the back cover and asked: "Does she really look like this?". With her broad smile and rounded facial features, she looked like a combination of a child and an angel. "Yes", answered my friend and then didn't stop talking until I agreed to read the book. I did (believe it or not, in German) and was impressed by its depth and detail.

About Jana Haas
Born in Kasachstan/Russia, she lives in Germany since 1992 and have been clairvoyant all her life. She trained as an alternative health practitioner and worked in this field for some years, but now concentrates on writing and teaching. Her five published books on angels are considered to be between the best originally written in German.

Jana Haas at the Angel Congress
Her talk was about afterlife, which is also the subject of her upcoming (next spring) new book. She virtually described the process of dying and transition to the other world from the point of view of a clairvoyant - a process she observed during the long months leading to her 90-year-old grandmother's death. It was fascinating to listen to, but surely hard to retell in detail. Jana's grandmother was nobody interested in spirituality, and it took her long time to let go of the fears connected with leaving the physical body. The two spent lots of time talking about these issues, and Jana could observe the angels and their efforts to comfort her grandmother.

Jana Haas has a captivating peaceful presence on stage, but can also be cheeky at times. I don't think that any of her book are translated into English yet.

Pictures from the book signing after Jana's talk. The queue was so long, that she had to come back and continue on the next day.

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