Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sananda Maitreya and His Music

Sananda's Website
Little did I know that Terence Trent D'Arby, one of my very few teenage music idols, has been performing under a new name since 2001. Sananda Maitreya is not simply a stage name, he had made it legal. Letting go of a popular name as his old one is an admirable act of braveness, and surely impressed me.

Teenage Memories
"Delicate" climbed the charts during one of my last years of High School. I couldn't get enough of it and ended up buying not only "Symphony or Damn" but also the two previous albums. 

What Did I Love About TTD's Music
The voice. The energy. The colour. The lyrics - as much as I could understand them.

The Colour of Sananda's Voice
In my inner eye it is emerald green with streams of amethyst purple and gold. It has the magic of tourmaline and the row power of red jasper.

Sananda Now
... is better than ever. 

Gone are the flamboyant costumes, outrageous dance moves and synthesizer-enhanced background sound - he mainly relies on keyboard, guitar, bass and drums now. You do see a wrinkle or two on his face (who doesn't have them at the age of 49) but his powerful voice and creative energy are at their best. It is as if he had stripped off the frills, wiped off the glitter and kept only what really matters - the musical genius and the love to what he is doing.

Sanada Live
... sounds as perfect as on a studio recording - no autotune involved. His packed with concert performances official You Tube channel is my favourite place on the Internet right now, a kind of  a compensation for the years when I thought he had disappeared from the music scene.

You won't see him jumping up and down on the stage as he did some 15 years ago; nowadays he "just" sings while playing the keyboard or the guitar - fully immersed in the music. I actually like him more now than during his superstar years.

"Loosing Becomes Too Easy" quickly became one of my favourite songs from his new material. It refers to his quest for freedom, which led to the name change and the departure from the music industry. He is an independent artist now, does not have a manager, produces his music under his own label Treehouse Publishing and sells it exclusively through his website.

 "All the Way To Memphis" is from Sananda's latest album THE SPHINX (available since March 10th, 2011 at )

    A live performance of "Losing Becomes Too Easy" from July 21, 2009.

    'I Saw Her' is track no.4 of Sananda's brand new album THE SPHINX

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    1. I totally agree with you...Of course I love him as "Terence Trent D'arby", but he as "Sananda Maitreya" provides us so many great tunes.
      Please write what you think about his new project "Return to Zooathalon".