Monday, May 16, 2011

Eurovision 2011

I am not an Eurovision fan and didn't even consider watching the final, so it wasn't until today that I checked the winning song - "Running Scared" by Azerbaijan's contestants Ell and Nikki. My first thought was "This must be a joke". I made an effort to listen to it till the end though and found that it was OK, just way too cheesy for my taste. We all have different tastes and apparently many people liked it.

These are two songs, which I would have loved to see in the Top 5.

Amaury Vassili represented France with "Sogno", an operatic entry in Corsican. It was a very untypical song for Eurovision and some people branded it "too good" for the contest. I guess we will be hearing more from this beautiful tenor in the years to come.

Lena's decision to represent Germany again after her success last year was met with controversy. I liked her joyful appearance and jumpy tune from 2010 more, but had to admit that "Taken by a Stranger" is a catchy song indeed and she did a great job performing it in Dusseldorf.

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