Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doreen Virtue. International Angel Congress 2011

Doreen Virtue was the last speaker at the Angel Congress in Hamburg, and additionally gave a one-day seminar on the following day. She is one of my favourite authors and I also love her weekly program on Hay House Radio. Meeting her in person was the main reason why I went to the congress.

Sunday, 8 May 2011
Doreen started with an evocation of the 15 Archangels, in which she also described their main "specialties" and energy colors. Both the evening talk and the seminar included question and answer sessions.

There were some unexpected but touching moments. Doreen wanted to give away a book and asked if someone had birthday. It was a young lady with Down's Syndrome, who immediately rushed down the aisle. Doreen gave the book to her helper in the audience but the girl ran past him on her way to the stage. Doreen  took the book back but in a matter of seconds the girl virtually jumped on her with such a power that she almost fell down - things like this make you realize that fan's love could be dangerous... However, after the few moments of struggle to stay on her two feet, Doreen managed to regain control over her own body, smile and give the girl a big hug.

Year 2012
Doreen used some of her stage time to address people's fears about 2012. She maintained that there will be no end of the world but rather a shift in our thinking. She also pointed out that fears add to the overall vibration of negativity and are thus unhelpful.

I had the impulse to shortly film her while she spoke about these issues:

Praying for World Peace
The only occasion in which we are allowed to ask the angels to interfere with other people's free will, is when their actions affect us directly in a negative way. Doreen encouraged us to pray that our political leaders take decisions out of love and care for the world and its inhabitants, rather than their personal or national political interests.

Monday, 9 May 2011
There were two main topics at the seminar - Archangel Raphael and Life Purpose. Archangel Raphael is widely known as the healing angel, but the story from The Book of Tobit makes him also patron saint for travellers and helper for people, who are looking for their soul mate.

In the afternoon Doreen spoke at length about ways to determine one's Life Purpose(s). She also  did a few short readings and I hoped  to be able to ask her a question. Interestingly, by the end of the seminar the need of it was gone. We were guided through a process, in which we asked Archangel Michael about our life purpose and other important for us questions, and the answers I received felt good. Suspicious as I am, I asked for confirmation that I have got it right - and it came promptly less than an hour later!

Doreen signs my daughter's copy of "Thank You, Angels"
One for me and one for my daughter:-)
Our 3-year-old's favourite book is Doreen's "Thank You, Angels", so I made sure to take it with me and let Doreen sign it. My little one enjoyed the love heart that Doreen drew there, but complained that it wasn't properly made. "This is how you write a heart, Mommy," she said and drew one in the air with a serious look on her face. Here we go...


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