Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Impressions

I absolutely loved the energy of the Royal Wedding earlier today. It had the spirit of a modern fairytale and somehow opened the doors to streams of joy and well-wishing in the whole world. While energy is something we do not see, massive flows of happy emotions shared by a critical mass of people are able to influence positive changes on a global scale.

The view of Catherine surrounded by the gentle care of her father and sister, was an inspiring display of what a modern-day nuclear family could be. The Middletons are known for being close and supportive of one another, and exactly this is the ultimate goal of everybody who has ever considered getting married. 

Seeing the little examples of pure love and affection shared by the bride and the groom was beautiful, and signaled the beginning of a completely different story than the one of Prince William's parents.

The wedding ceremony itself was breath-taking. My 3-year-old absolutely loved the hymns; she actually regarded everything else to be a mere pause before the next music slot! The singing made her slow down and listen quietly.

This is my last post of Royal Wedding excitement :-)


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