Sunday, April 24, 2011

Naturally Coloured Easter Eggs

This was my daughter's first fully conscious Easter, so I did my best to make it memorable for her. We painted eggs and did the obligatory egg hunt. The Easter Bunny (who refused to let her see him:-) was kind enough to hide some chocolate eggs.

Easter and Earth Day happened to coincide this year, which strengthened my resistance against artificial egg paint even more. After some research, I found a few ideas about natural ways to colour the eggs.

I used red cabbage for blue, turmeric for yellow, spinach for green and beetroot for red. As you can see on the picture, yellow and blue were the only colours, which turned out well - and I had to soak white eggs in the blue paint for over an hour.

However, I think the main problem was that the paint was too diluted. Probably, if I had used more of the beetroot, red would have worked well too. It was a wonderful experience though, which my daughter and I shared with a friend and her young son. We are determined to give it another go next year!

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