Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrating the Good News of Others

I screamed and jumped with joy in the middle of the street when a friend told me that she had got the job she hoped for.

My friend is a single mom of two young children. She has been living on benefits since a couple of months, feeling utterly ashamed and devastated about it. Two weeks ago she got a temporary weekend job as a waiter, while also applying for a more qualified and better paid position. The application process took her through language checks (the position requires fluency  in at least one foreign language), psychological tests and finally an interview. And today an email came: "Congratulations, you are hired!"

All of this wouldn't have been possible without the help of her mother, who agreed to take care of the children during my friend's working hours. Her mother will spend about an hour in the subway in each direction, but is determined to help her daughter. Luckily the new job will keep my friend away from the kids for only about 3 days a week, which will make the overall situation easier for everybody involved.

Knowing the hardships she has been through, I'm more than delighted. It also felt great to celebrate the good news of someone else - and I was actually surprised by my own happy dance at the street this evening :-)

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