Thursday, March 31, 2011

Global Water Ceremony for Japan

Dr. Masaru Emoto, known for his internationally acclaimed research on water and its response to different messages ("love", "hate", "fear", etc.) has created a special Water Ceremony for the waters at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. It is a worldwide prayer, which takes place today at midday (12:00) in your local time zone.

The following is the letter by Dr. Emoto posted on the Facebook page of the event:

To All People Around the World,

Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!

By the massive earthquakes of Magnitude 9 and surreal massive tsunamis, more than 10,000 people are still missing…even now… It has been 16 days already since the disaster happened. What makes it worse is that water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants started to leak, and it’s contaminating the ocean, air and water molecule of surrounding areas.

Human wisdom has not been able to do much to solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool down the anger of radioactive materials in the reactors by discharging water to them.

Is there really nothing else to do?

I think there is. During over twenty year research of hado measuring and water crystal photographic technology, I have been witnessing that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is.

Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really means that Energy = number of people and the square of people’s consciousness.

Now is the time to understand the true meaning. Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth. I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!
The prayer procedure is as follows.

Day and Time:
March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)
12:00 noon in each time zone

Please say the following phrase:
“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant,
we are sorry to make you suffer.
Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer.

Thank you very much from my heart.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Communion Special

Living in the center of Bavaria, which is the most catholic Germany state, I cannot but notice the buzz surrounding preparations for first communion. It starts about six months before the actual date with weekly classes at the church. Suits for the boys and dresses for the girls are being chosen, tried and finally bought.

I find girls especially sweet: dressed in the traditional "Christ's bride" style, they look like angels - half grown-up, but not much yet.

My new range of children's jewelry was inspired by first communion. I already listed some white chalcedony items in my DaWanda shop, and absolutely love its milky color. However, the necklaces and bracelets could also be used for little bridesmaids, and also worn without any particular occasion.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mookaite - the Flexibility Crystal

I absolutely LOVE mookaite for its warm flow of changing colors - it could be anything between brownish-red, brownish-purple, ocher, yellow, cream, shades of pink and even white. In this way, every jewelry item made of this gorgeous crystal is one of a kind, as finding a second completely identical bead is highly impossible.

Mookaite promotes flexibility and openness to variety and fun. It helps see different possibilities and choose the best one. Physically, it boosts the immune system and helps with blood purification and wound healing.

At present there are three mookaite designs listed on my web site. Each of them has 3 to 4 color and wing variations, which are shown with separate pictures under the main product description. So let me introduce you to Marie, Maya and Monika.

What follows below is a small gallery but more images are available on the product pages.

Friday, March 18, 2011

How to Help Japan

The tragedy in Japan proved that even rich countries are helpless when struck by natural disaster. In a grave scenario that could have been a Hollywood movie, the island country was hit by an earthquake with magnitude 9.0, followed by tsunami, radiation and snow. While the official death toll is raising every day and many are reported missing, the survivors need urgent help.

Being away for a long weekend, I only realized the extent of what was happening upon my return back home on Monday evening (March 14). My first impulse was to pray and send blessing, followed by the immediate decision to donate to an involved in the matter charity. It took me a while to find information about it and at the end decided on the Japanese Red Cross society.

Japan has often donated when other countries have experienced disasters, such as when Hurricane Katrina impacted the United States.

Where to donate?
  • Japanese Red Cross society - I used this link on Google Crisis Response to send my donation via Google Checkout. In the meanwhile it also lists other possible charities, such as Unicef, Save The Children and International Medical Corps.
  • Your national Red Cross society, as long as it collects donations for Japan. The Red Cross is an international organization, so donating to the American Red Cross, for example, will also be helpful. By the way, I just read in the news that Sandra Bullock, known for her outstanding support of disaster relief efforts, has donated $1 million to it.
  • Shelter Box -  Shelter Box in a charity that packs and delivers boxes with the essentials a family needs to survive in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Each large, green ShelterBox contains a disaster relief tent for an extended family, blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, a stove, a basic tool kit, a children’s activity pack and other vital items. 
Prayer is a beautiful way to ask for additional divine help and also contribute to elevation of the collective vibration regarding the matter. The power of thought, belief and vibration is often underestimated. You can pray or send blessings in any way you prefer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrating the Good News of Others

I screamed and jumped with joy in the middle of the street when a friend told me that she had got the job she hoped for.

My friend is a single mom of two young children. She has been living on benefits since a couple of months, feeling utterly ashamed and devastated about it. Two weeks ago she got a temporary weekend job as a waiter, while also applying for a more qualified and better paid position. The application process took her through language checks (the position requires fluency  in at least one foreign language), psychological tests and finally an interview. And today an email came: "Congratulations, you are hired!"

All of this wouldn't have been possible without the help of her mother, who agreed to take care of the children during my friend's working hours. Her mother will spend about an hour in the subway in each direction, but is determined to help her daughter. Luckily the new job will keep my friend away from the kids for only about 3 days a week, which will make the overall situation easier for everybody involved.

Knowing the hardships she has been through, I'm more than delighted. It also felt great to celebrate the good news of someone else - and I was actually surprised by my own happy dance at the street this evening :-)