Sunday, June 28, 2015

What To Do When You Fall Off The Wagon?

Falling off the wagon can become a real danger when you are out of balance - either emotionally, or physically. An often underestimated reason is lack of sleep. Being overtired makes you rely more on food, cigarettes or other temporarily stimulating means. Of course, in other cases there can be an array of emotional hardships that have depleted your energy.

Yesterday I had a proper and not that pretty nervous breakdown. Being tired combined with feeling overwhelmed and under pressure due to an ongoing conflict with neighbors. As a result, a small incident unleashed the entire pressure and made it explode. I did eventually manage to compose myself but it took a while.

So here are some ideas that can help you revert to your normal self:
  • Be compassionate to yourself. Remind yourself that you are a mere human being, and that human beings can sometimes fall off the wagon.
  • Avoid the company of people who do not have understanding or compassion for you at that moment. If needed, go out or find another way to spend some time on your own.
  • If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel angry, box a pillow. Find a healthy way to release the negative emotions.
  • Try using some simple meridian tapping (also known as EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique). If you have never heard about it, just tap softly on the side of your hand below the small finger or on the top of your head while crying, feeling pity about yourself or retelling the story of your misfortune. Tapping helps you calm down, and regaining a calmer demeanor makes it easier to decide what to do next.
Some additional tips on pulling yourself together and raising your vibration are available in an earlier article.

Another article deals with the subject of accepting your emotions.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

What If Jesus Came On Earth Again? (Fiction Book Review)

Photo by Tammy Sue
One reason why I seldom read novels, is that I only stop reading them when I reach the end. Stories can be highly fascinating and I have often stayed up until late at night (or early in the morning) just because of a book.

Every now and again I do let myself be seduced by a book. It is usually unplanned and absolutely spontaneous - a title that catches my attention in the library, at a book store or at a car boot sale.

This week I stumbled upon “Apocalypse Next Tuesday” by the German author David Safier. I live in Germany, so the copy I found was the  German original. I don’t think that I would have ever read the book in English simply because apocalypse has never interested me. However, the German title - “Jesus Loves Me”, is definitely more endearing, and made me check what the book was all about.

It discusses the “what if Jesus came again” thematic, and surprisingly (especially as it is written by a man) is in the romantic comedy genre. It is an easy and fun read that also contains touching emotional and spiritual insights. As a matter of fact, it even made me read the Sermon on the Mount again!

The main character is a milder and definitely more sensible version of Bridget Jones, who meets Joshua just a day after realizing that she cannot spend her entire life with her bridegroom: the only problem is that the realization comes while walking down the aisle in front of all guests. Joshua is Jesus just the way you know him from the New Testament. He appears as a grown man in order to fight against Satan in the upcoming Apocalypse, which is planned to take place in Jerusalem next Tuesday. However, as Archangel Gabriel has shun his immortality and chosen to live as a normal man many years before, Jesus decides to stay with him for a week and have a first-hand experience about modern life on earth. This is how he meets Marie, who immediately feels attracted to him and asks him out on a date.

Another story line I enjoyed was the beautiful relationship between Marie and her lesbian caricaturist sister and cancer sufferer Kata. Kata is another key figure in the book, because she unwittingly gets herself enlisted as one of Satan’s apocalyptic riders.

Interestingly enough, I happened to read another “what if Jesus came on Earth again” book just a few months ago - “The Second Coming” by the British journalist John Niven. In his version Jesus is born again to another unassuming virgin (who doesn't play any role in the book) and leads a rough life among homeless people and drug junkies. He has a talent for guitar-playing and singing and almost wins an American Idol/ X Factor type of reality show before running away with the money from the winner’s contract and founding a community. I found the book quite interesting but felt repulsed by the excessive usage of swear words in it.

Both books made me think about the reason behind such stories. The New Testament presents Jesus as a pure, loving, and absolutely perfect being. However, many churchgoers fail to connect wholeheartedly to him, despite accepting his teachings. Could it be that made-up stories about his second coming are an attempt to connect to him in order to love and live his principles easier?

In any way, I was surprised that a romantic comedy made me open the Bible again and gave me new inspiration to live according to Christ’s principles. Chick lit can be a good thing after all!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Can Your Angels Really Help You?

Picture by Tammy Sue
Our guardian angels assist us in resolving what we consider “problems”. They help us soothe, calm down and take responsible action. They can save us in a moment of danger, comfort us when we feel afraid, give us invaluable piece of advice, or heal us from illnesses and addictions.

There are two very important points to remember:
  • We need to ask for help, because the Angels respect our free will and let us make our own choices.
  • We need to pay attention to the clues they send us. In a conversation, if we ask a question, we then stop talking and listen to the other person’s respond. It is the same when asking God and the Angels for guidance and help – we need to pay attention, look and listen for the signs they send us. Sometimes that could be a line in a song we overhear on the radio, a dialogue between two characters in a movie, a sentence in a randomly opened book, or even a shining white feather found on the street.
Many years ago I was unhappy with the job I had at the time, but couldn’t find the courage to leave. I asked God and the Angels for assistance in finding the right solution. A few days later, I heard a song from a previously unfamiliar to me singer. It was Will Young with his “Leave Right Now”. The chorus gave me the answer I needed:

“I think I better leave right now before I fall any deeper
I think I better leave right now, feeling weaker and weaker...”

It is absolutely OK to ask the angels for help even for minor problems. In the past I was worried that I was bothering them too much and wasting their time. However, time and space do not exist in their realm. They could be at unlimited number of places with unlimited number of people at any time.

When creating my gem angels, I do it with the hope that they will remind their future owners that the real Angels are always around and ready to help. All we need to do is ask.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

3 Steps To Changing Your Behavioral Patterns Through Affirmations

Fly high as a bird! (Picture by Lubos Houska)
Have you ever thought about the similarities between your brain and a computer hard disk?

When you save some data on the computer, it stays there until you change or delete it. If you install a program, it works exactly the way it is meant to work - until the new updated version replaces it.

And this is exactly what happens with your brain. If you have been repeatedly told during childhood that you were stupid or useless, you saved this information and continued acting as if it would be true. You might have strived to prove the opposite all your life - for example by becoming the best student at school or the winner of a prestigious competition. However, deep down you are likely to have still doubted your abilities, and were easy to sabotage your endeavors or sink into depression.

The good news is that behavioral programs can be changed. There are many methods to do so but today we will talk about affirmation.

Affirmations work on the principle of autosuggestion that was first found by the French pharmacist Émile Coué (1857-1926). He noticed that praising the remedy's efficiency and adding a small positive note to it, typically lead to better and faster recovery of the patient. He later developed the first affirmation: "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better". He is known to have said: "I have never cured anyone in my life. All I do is show people how they can cure themselves," and maintained that the act of healing requires a change in our unconscious mind, which can only be achieved by using imagination.

These 3 easy methods will help you make your affirmation experience a success:
  1. Choose a positive sounding sentence that describes your desired outcome as if you have already achieved it. Avoid “no” and “not” at any cost. “I am not in debt” is a counterproductive affirmation. The Universe only knows the state of being, so in its language “I am not in debt” translates as “I am in debt”, which might be your current situation but not your preferred one. “My account balance is positive and I earn enough to live comfortably and well” is a better option.
  2. Repeat the affirmation 108 times every day. Some people say that 70 times is enough but 108 is a magical sacred number traditionally used when chanting a mantra. All Hindu and Buddhist malas (strings with prayer beads) contain 108 beads. However, repeating your affirmation 70 or less times is better than not using the practice at all. For added effect you can do it morning and evening, or whenever you wait for the bus, etc.
  3. Follow your affirmation daily routine for 40 days and if you miss a day, start from the beginning. In this way your brain cells will be rewired for new believes and programs.
These are some sample affirmations that you can use if you wish.
  • “All is well in my Life” is a classical affirmation by Louise Hay.
  • “My Life is getting better and better every day. Positive outcome is coming my way, no matter of the current situation.”
  • “Divine Light flows through me and brings me everything I need in order to be happy.”
  • “Every person and every situation contribute to my happiness.”


Monday, June 8, 2015

There Is A Lesson Behind Every Challenge

Enter your new Life as a Creator. (Photo by Anne Lowe)
Many Christians were raised to fear God. They were told that every mistake will be punished.

The Vedic literature introduces the Law of Karma: at the latest in your next life, you will endure all bad things that you have ever done.

However, does not God have better things to do than spying on people and punishing them?

On the other side, if there is no punishment or karma, why are people plagued by problems? What creates them, if God is willing to look away and forget?

The cycle of wrongdoings and punishments is rather a cycle of deeds and consequences. Instead of being punished, we are given the opportunity to experience, learn, grow and change our ways. Past-life deeds may play a role in our current misfortune, but so does actions from this life.

Many spiritual teachers confirm that nowadays everything happens much faster than centuries ago, and we reap the fruit of our deeds sooner rather than later.

Recently something was stolen from me and I felt upset. I asked myself:
“If I am the Creator of my Life, why did I create this?”
My angel was quick to remind me that a few months ago I was unkind to a person, and refused to give them what they wanted. While it was my right to refuse, I should have behaved in a more respectful way.

So the stolen object was the consequence of my unkind refusal to give. On the positive side, the situation gave me plenty of food for thought and made me change my attitude.

Seeing a problem as a lesson removes us from the victim role and puts us in the position of the creator. A creator can learn and change, while a victim can only pity themselves.

So be a Creator this week!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Bicycle Ride Along The Lake

Heaven on earth
Our daughter was at a friend’s place yesterday, so my husband an I went for a bicycle ride along the lake.

It started raining soon after we left and the rain quickly turned into a pour. Water was dripping from our clothes even before we reached the lake, but the warm evening temperature and our raincoats made sure that we could still enjoy our little adventure. We cycled to my favorite place at the lake and back, arriving home happy and soaking wet.

The sun was shining in the morning so we repeated the trip with our daughter and one of her friends.

They even took their cuddly toys with them!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say?

Clipart image by Karen Arnold
We all sometimes face situations in which it is really important to say the right things.

A typical example is a job interview. We want the job, we need the job and it is important to present ourselves as well as possible.

Thorough preparation is definitely a sensible thing to do - for example, researching the company we apply to and thinking about the qualities we have that make us a suitable candidate for the offered position.

However, while preparation is important, many people might still say something “wrong” when they are under pressure. They are likely to feel stressed long before they enter the room and face the interviewer. Due to this inner pressure they are  at a high risk of presenting themselves in unfavorable light.

I used to be such a person until I established a contact with my guardian angel. Of course, I still feel slightly tensed before an important conversation. This is a normal side effect of being a human being.

What helps me though, is asking my angel to make sure I say exactly the things that will lead to best results from the Highest Perspective. As a mere human, I do not always know what the best outcome is in the long run. I might really want that job but is it good for me?

This is a simple method that can be used on various other occasions - conversations with family members or acquaintances that we have a conflict with, meetings with perspective clients, important discussions with co-workers or authority figures, etc.  

In essence all you need to do is prepare yourself as well as you possibly can, and then ask for divine guidance at the time of the conversation.

Leaving the outcome to the Divine is not only calming but also highly rewarding.
It is still important to act, set goals and work towards them but instead of fixating ourselves on the desired outcome, we can say: “May the outcome be the one that is best for me and for all involved in this situation.”

Create a beautiful day for yourself!